The Box

Success – God Set’s it in front of me and I respond ‘God here I go’.

The Box

My dad always spoke of thinking “out of the box”. In fact as a gag-gift one of the people that he worked with once gave him a box. As a young man I remember walking into my dad’s office and seeing that box hanging on the wall, a constant reminder to think “out of the box”. There is some wisdom that can be gleaned from that box.

  • Morpheus might give you a choice between the red box and the blue box but try to remember the truth that neither box is really there.
  • Most boxes hinder us but some boxes are there for our protection.
  • Don’t worry about thinking out of the box unless you are willing to get rid of the stovepipes and cut the red tape.
  • Don’t be so focused on thinking outside the box that you forget what was in the box.
  • In order to get out of the box you must first find the box.
  • If you don’t know why you left the box you will surly find yourself back in the same box.
  • If you lose your reason for leaving the box you will surly find it when you get back in the box.
  • When you leave a box be careful what box you get into next, some of them are taped closed.
  • Don’t limit yourself to thinking only outside the box… this too is a box. That is limiting how you can’t think.
  • Be careful what box you try to open or get into. Some boxes were never meant to be opened and are hard if not near impossible to close or get out of.
  • Some people are in a box but they use so little of the room in that box that if they were to start exploring now, they could continue exploring for the rest of their lives with out finding the walls of that box.
  • There are others though, that have forgotten what the inside is like because they never stop bumping into the walls.

As sheep in the kingdom of God we are sheep of his pasture and this pasture not to cross the boarders and become the sheep of another pasture there are boundaries and limits. This is the parameters of “the Box”.

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