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Lexical Database Archiving Questionnaire

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Last year the SIL Archive did an analysis of what kinds of materials are being submitted to SIL's Language and Culture Archive. During the 2012 year only 4 FLEx data sets were submitted to the archive (and about 6 Toolbox datasets). The archive is looking to see if this is a broader trend among linguists (and more generally lexical database users) or if it is unique to SIL contexts.

We are particularly expecting responses from people who work with minority languages but all lexicographic database users are open to respond to the Questionnaire. We are asking 4 questions and we estimate the whole thing takes about three minutes to complete:

If you are a creator or user of lexical databases (like Toolbox, FLEx, or Lexus, etc.):
Please take a quick moment to fill out the following online questionnaire:


For those in a bandwidth restricted situation feel free to reply to the questions below with answers to: Hugh_Paterson [ at ]

Four questions:

1. What is your Lexical Database Management solution? Options generally include: FLEx, ToolBox, Lexus, other:____, etc :
2. What is the ISO code of the language you are using it with?:
3. Have you ever archived a version of your current Lexical Database at an official archive? (An archive like SIL's L & CA -REAP-, or SOAS's ELAR, or MPI's TLA, or PARADISEC. - Though it doesn't have to be one of these four. ) - Yes / No:
4: Have you ever produced a Print or Digital Publication from your Lexical data (like a Glossary or a Dictionary)? if so we would like to hear about it, got a link or a citation?:
One entry per language. If you work with more than one language, feel free to submit one answer per language or add a comment to that effect with a list of the ISO 639-3 codes or language names.
Personal details (email address and name) will be kept confidential, other data and generalizations of trends may be published.

Thank you for the work you do and the effort you make to serve speakers of minority languages.

- Hugh Paterson