Staying fit

I’ve been checking out Apple fit while traveling in Europe. It has been very motivational. One night I went for a jog, another for a brisk walk just for the sake of closing rings.

I have found I get more steps in if I plan a reasonable distance between waffle sellers, ice cream shops, and French fries sellers.

2 thoughts on “Staying fit

  1. That’s a lot of steps. It’s quite interesting to see the statistics I find.

    I am on Strava, you can sync your Apple Watch to Strava and we can share our walking/jogging/running journey?

    • I reached out to you via the Strava platform. I am not a paying subscriber to their platform. I also don’t have an Apple watch or other wrist based device. I currently can’t see a way to import from Apple Fitness to the Strava app. I could let the Strava iPhone app run while I walk but then I would need to let the app run all day. The GPS tracker on iPhone is a battery drain. If you see a tutorial out there link me to it (I’ve looked at several already). But otherwise I’m not able to figure out how to make the data flow from Apple fitness via iPhone to the Strava web platform at the moment.

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