Belgium by bike

Belgium, specifically Ghent had quite a few interesting bicycles. We also went biking with our friends. Katja was quite happy to be biking on the road and touring the inner city. … though the cobblestone did give her some troubles.

Bike culture surfaces in interesting ways. For example some interesting hitches exist as these are embedded into concrete walls.

Bike hitch.
Bike hitch in wall.

I took some photos of the different ways that parents move their kids about.

Seat behind driver and seat between driver and handlebars.
The long Yuba with room for two or three kids behind. Foot rails and front basket.
Child facing front and back.
Two kids in a bucket with shoulder straps.
Shoulder straps.
With a cover
Two kids upfront.
Two seats in the back.
Two seats with a rail.
Cargo bike in Switzerland
Bike in Germany with full waterproof surround pouch and two batteries.
Full waterproof bag.
Child carrier in Germany
Bitwin in model.

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