MARC Records for Journal Articles

I am looking for some examples of MARC records for journal articles, and for chapters of books. I see lots of MARC records for ISSN (whole journals). I am also looking for MARC records for proceedings or edited volumes but I am not finding journal article, chapters of edited volumes, or proceedings papers/chapters. I'm looking for the kinds of fields they use (fingerprints of the data structure). I see that this has been an acknowledged issue via MARC Discussion Paper 2003-DP01. That discussion paper points to MARC fields which are documented here. I also see that OCLC has a page that talks about these issues in section 3.2:

I also realize that these are resource types which are generally not cataloged at the library level, and hence the research question... I'm looking for ways that MARC can be used as a data storage format for these resources.

There have been questions about this for at least 10 years.

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