New laundry center

We’re looking to put in a new laundry center. This is the before shots.

Side view
Under the sink
Concept plans
Ejector pump notes, we have the 404 model, but the outstanding question is will it be strong enough to push a washing machine's worth of water up 10 feet in the air at the speed that a washing machine drains?: Tentative Washer:
  • Washer H: 80 in (combined with Dryer)
  • Washer W: 27 in
  • Washer D: 30 in
Tentative Dryer:
  • Washer H: 80 in (combined with Dryer)
  • Washer W: 28 in
  • Washer D: 35 in
Tentative Dishwasher: Amana 24 in. White Front Control Built-In Tall Tub Dishwasher
  • Dishwasher H: 34 in
  • Dishwasher W: 24 in
  • Dishwasher D: 24 in
One Piece: 75H Ideal Dishwasher. Possible Dishwasher

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