Round or oval logos?

On the drive back from Ohio this year, we stopped in Bend for breakfast, well maybe it was more like lunch. And it’s not very often that I get over to bend so I had to stop that I wanted to make. About four years ago my wife got me to taste her glasses from Deshutes brewery. We actually use these glasses as juice glasses, and they’re perfect for a hydrating an airborne tablet.

So since we’ve been using them a little more I thought I might get me another one or two. After stopping by I realized that they change the logo on their glasses. Now I don’t have a matching set. I asked the bartender in the manager if they had any old ones and they said no. But Dunlap the bartender and I had an interesting conversation about logos. It was his point that it’s all the rage right now to have to choose between oval and around logos but I think the greater point is missed.

One logo appears to have a lot of white space around while the other takes up a big physical presence. In logo and marketing design we are trying to get imagery to convey meaning and attitudes of the things they are representing. So I feel the second logo the folder round larger physical presence logo is in someways saying “look we are the brewery trust us our beer/product is good”. Where as the former logo a little oval and a little bit more white space around it is saying “look at the beer”, “it happens to be brewed by us”. It seems that the older logo, the oval one, is a bit more humble. It invites a dialogue, which involves the tasting of the product they want to sell.

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