Awesome Hat…

Well, I like hats... they keep my head warm and sunburnt free. A month or two ago I got a hat for riding my bike in the winter. I got the hat from REI, but of course there are other places where one can get similar hats. My wife likes the hat (on me), Katja like the hat (on her), and I like the hat even when I am not on the bike. Evidently I am not the only one who likes these hats either.Some call the hat style a swrve Belgian Wool Cap, but all I knew was that it was highly functional and stylish.

brimbini from REI

brimbini from REI

About two weeks ago a friend, who is also a biker (of the human powered kind), asked where I got the hat from... that got me thinking: How hard would it be to make one of these hats? I should try and sew one sometime, it only took this lady five tries
Me holding my newborn nephew while wearing my swrve hat

Me holding my newborn nephew while wearing my swrve hat.

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