Learning things about house building…

So here is a list of things I am learning about house building:

Window Putty is not caulk.

  • http://ohp.parks.ca.gov/pages/1054/files/windowenergyanalysis.pdf
  • http://www.bi-glass.com/replacement-glass.php
  • http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-replace-a-broken-glass-pane-in-a-woodframe-.html
  • http://www.treehugger.com/sustainable-product-design/save-your-windows-and-your-money-indow-window-inserts.html
  • Cinderblock is not solid. Mounting fireplace mantels as a floating shelf to cinderblock is a challenge.

    All things considered Jerry's is a better hardware store than Home Depot or Lowes. Platt Eletric is often cheaper than Home Depot.

    Oscillating Multi-Tools are pretty much awesome.
    Not all 3-way or 4-way switches are wired the same. (http://www.buildmyowncabin.com/electrical/how-to-wire-4-way-switch-diagram.pdf)
    Old circuits might contain two power cables and a single return... as a black and a red and a white.

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