Car won’t start… until I replaced the starter…

Car won't start, I am not sure if it is the starter or something electrical. Remember my previous post about being grateful my car was not towed, that was the beginning of my Stater going out. It died a few days later in my drive way. The hiatus from having an operational car inspired Becky and I to bike more. Believe it or not, this is one of the first times I have turned to YouTube for a non-digital solution of video based learning. I watched the following videos which taught me how to test my starter.

I thought that I might need a clutch switch, but it turns out that my clutch switch worked just fine. But I did need to get one of those volt testers.

My friend Tom was a great help. Drove me to the parts store and an awesome encouragement.

Hugh and Tom with success

Hugh and Tom with success after the starter was working.

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