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I was looking through Facebook to see if I could generate a list of videos which I have shared from YouTube… I wanted to see what I have “liked”. It would appear that though this information is available to businesses it is not available to me as a user… Sad… I kinda wanted to see what my longitudinal tastes were for videos and how much YouTube watching I do do… and has it increased over time…
Branding and video provider

In some respects this is motivated by wanting to become more able to communicate in video forms. Some of the videos I have enjoyed have been both on various video-graphic styles and various content genres. I have noticed that some of the creative videos I like to watch have sound tracks to MTV culture and music to which I have never been acquainted, but Becky has.

I think this stop motion video of head phones is an example:

Another example of this is the Assigns Creed video, which I like but i have never played the video game. Culturally, my brothers are more video gamers than I am, So I might have seen them play the video game. But I like the art and style which has gone into the videography (and so do some other 12 million viewers).

Communicating via Video is connecting with society in a large open ended conversation

I think it is important if an organization is going to connect with an audience via video, it is paramount that they understand and respect the medium (or in a creative way challenge the medium). If that organization doesn’t respect the medium then they run the risk of onlookers making a value judgment based on the lack of artistic presentation of that organization. Value judgments are made based on what people see; this becomes really important to inferences made on the quality of the organization’s other products. Video is both visual art, and audio art – art in ways that creation of a dictionary database is not…

So doing art in this medium (video) also means understanding the nuances of what society is paying attention to; asking the engagement strategy question: How do I get my audience’s attention? This could partially be a challenge if the organization is staffed by Baby-boomers who are not connected to Gen-Y or Gen-X people in ways which those Baby-boomers understand the culture they are trying to motivate.

I am providing a list of videos here which will show some of the variety of what people are watching (But this is also a list of videos which I happen to like…):

Humor-Animation-farse (LTR with 19 million views):

Humor- Animation – pop culture-farse:

Humor-Annimation – stop animation: Which for some reason is not embedding like these other ones are…

Educational-Big Picture – total concept: – stop motion – cutouts.

Big picture – social change – world issues:

Art (videography) Documenting Art+Skill (Extreme biking with 23 million views; about 2/3rds the total population of NYC) :

But even this less artistic video has 200K hits….

Art Documenting Art: – The Piano Guys with over 5 Million views

All this said there are some Educational videos about language:

Communicating stories about Passionate people doing the activities they love to do:

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