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Recently I have also started using MailChimp to manage and send my E-mail correspondence for a newsletter I do. Today I followed a couple of tutorials and managed to add a “sign-up for my newsletter” pannel right on my Facebook Page.

I have been operating a FaceBook Page for some time (even prior to FB time-line).For more on FaceBook Pages watch this Video. But integrating third party apps into my FaceBook page is new to me.

MailChimp App allowing Facebook Newsletter signup Form

MailChimp App allowing Facebook Newsletter signup Form

First tutorial: How do I add a MailChimp signup form to my Facebook Page?I read this just to figure out how to do what I wanted to do. This is the current tutorial fot he MailChimp app.

Second Tutorial: MailChimp’s Facebook Signup AppI read this to wrap my head around some of the concepts… but it really wasn’t necessary for the implementation.

Third Tutorial: Using Facebook to Keep the Conversation GoingThis tutorial helped me understand some of the dynamics of using FaceBook. It also gave me some ideas for using and creating social interactions. This is a must read when considering your engagement strategy. – What the result of your communication with people will be.

Fourth Tutorial: Shortstack is a third party service which facilitates the creation of FaceBook pages with other third party services like MailChimp. If you use multiple web-based services like flikr, coupons, specials only for FaceBook fans, google maps, polls, etc. Then integrating with Shortstack first might make some sense. But as this is not my use case, I opted for the direct MailChimp integration from MailChimp. To read about MailChimp-Shortstack integration read this: Shortstack Integration with MailChimp – Post News to your Facebook Page

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