OS X Error -36

I had an OS failure while I was in Mexico. I managed to reinstall the combo update and things started working again. However, some of my big files (movies) will not copy, Time Machine fails, Some PDFs are now failing to copy. It always comes back to a -36 Error. I cannot find the error report for this online. It seems to be some sort of I/O error. I left a comment over on this blog.

prompt%> mv /Users/phil/Desktop/movie.avi .

I tried the command line mv command and the command line told me Input/Output error.

Failed mv

Failed mv

But I can play the file on my harddrive. – I have the same error if I try to copy the file to somewhere else on my internal harddrive.
Using OS X 10.6.5 on MBP 15″ moving the file to a WD My Passport via USB. The file in question is a .mts movie file. I can move other .mts movie files which were made with the same camera, at the same time, and are in the same folder to the external hardrive.

Error -36

Error -36

I can’t figure out why I have this error or how to solve it.

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  1. It ended up that I had to have my Harddrive replaced. I went to the Apple Store and they said that the drive was in the pre-stages of failing and that I needed to have it replaced.

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